Fitness Friday – A Family Affair

Two of my boys had been asking if they could go for a run with me. It’s always right when I’m about to step out the door and have my route and mileage all planned out, pressed for time. I reply with “next time.” So last night I asked if they would like to go do a mile. Honestly, I consider running “my time,” but I was super excited for them to come along. I think it’s so important that they live a healthy lifestyle and it’s my job as their mother to navigate them and steer them in that direction.

I told them we would do one mile. They didn’t really understand the concept of one mile. They started by sprinting down the street. I told them they would need to pace themselves. A quarter mile in, “You mean this is just the beginning!?” And they did pretty well. I was proud of them. Logan got a few cramps here and there. He actually asked me to remind him to hydrate first thing in the morning so he could try again without cramps. Deacon suggested a mid-run pushup session. I think he just needed to stop running and take a break. All in all…it was fantastic. I enjoyed every minute, and got “my time” after I dropped them back off at the house.

fit familyDo you get your kids involved in your workouts?

Have a great weekend!!


Water Balloon Battles Just Got Easier!

bunch balloons

Seriously, I still don’t understand why I didn’t think of this. My kids LOVE water balloon fights. The downside is my husband and I standing in the kitchen for HOURS filling and TYING those darn things. It’s painful. Hours of work and they’re gone in under 5 minutes. The first time I saw the commercial I was like, “No way! There is no possible way it is that easy!” Have you seen these yet? Well I had to get them and try them out. It was…”Epic,” as Deacon would say. They seriously worked!

Super easy! Just look how fast they fill up. This video is 26 seconds!

See how easy that is!! So if you were wondering if they actually work, they do! We’ll definitely be having more epic battles in the future. Now between the water balloons and the squirt guns…I think the kids might have finally upped the grown-ups. No, just kidding. We’d never let that happen.

If you think this is bad, you should see the kids.

water balloon battle