Just Like Phil, Claire, and the Wedge Salad

Photo Credit: FanPop

Photo Credit: FanPop

Season 2, episode 16 of Modern Family. The one with the wedge salad is how I refer to it. I think about this episode a lot. I could relate to it all too well. I know EXACTLY how Claire felt. That bubbling rage. What Phil thought was innocent conversation, just telling Claire about the wedge salad he had for lunch because a co-worker suggested it. The BEST wedge salad. He continues on telling Claire how great wedge salads are and she should try one. Seems innocent enough, right? NO. Wrong. You see Claire has been trying to get Phil to try a wedge salad for months. Months. But once his co-worker suggests it, it’s okay, and wedge salads are the best!

Yup, I’ve been there, just not with a salad. If I mention/suggest something to my husband it gets brushed off. However, if his brother, friend, doctor, or the anesthesiologist he works with mentions it…it’s GOLD. All. The. Time. It’s infuriating. Various things/topics. Certain stretches to relieve back pain, the use of arch supports in shoes, the need for hydration, foods that help boost metabolism. The list goes on and on. If I say it, I’m nagging. If his brother says it, he’s a genius! Whatever.

It happened again last night. I had tried to get my husband to watch Breaking Bad with me a few months back. He never showed any interest. I mentioned after I finished BB I was going to start on Sons of Anarchy. A few months later he starts talking about how all his friends said Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy are awesome. Then it’s all about how his brother just finished Breaking Bad and it’s awesome, and he just started Sons of Anarchy. I mention again that I can’t wait to start SOA. I asked if he wanted to watch it and I got, “I can’t get into TV shows.” (Yeah, unless it’s with a guy in a tree-stand whispering that there is a wild boar 20 yards broad side). Whatever.

Well, I come downstairs last night and there he is watching Sons of Anarchy because his brother said it’s AWESOME! I was a little peeved. I mean, it’s something we could have done together. I’ve suggested it. Multiple times! The only thing we watch together is Modern Family and Duck Dynasty. Really. It’s not like it wasn’t known that I wanted to see it too. So now he’s about five episodes ahead and I’ve been left in the dust. I’m feeling a little like Claire…again.

Does this happen in your relationship too?