Halloween Surprises

Happy Halloween! I feel weird saying that. I truly do not like Halloween. Like at all. But, Happy Halloween to those of you that enjoy it,

I lucked out this Halloween with the boys. Deacon decided to grab costumes out of our costume bin and create his own “character.” He’s part ninja, part superhero. Logan’s wonderful Godmother bought him a Toothless dragon costume for his birthday. He was thrilled! And Mr. Finnegan decided to be a Viking. We have Viking helmets, axes, and shields already. I went through my closet and grabbed my faux fur collar sweater vest. It totally completed his outfit. I mean seriously, how cute is this kid!?

viking costume

All three costumes done. Until yesterday morning of course. Now this cute little Viking wants to be Harry Potter. I still win with not having to buy any costumes this year, but I really LOVED the Viking.

Do your kids always changer their mind when it comes to their costumes?

Fitness Friday – Emerging From the Rut

Since my 10k earlier this month, I honestly feel I haven’t done much. Knowing I had an event to train for, I kept more of a workout schedule. Over the past month, I really haven’t done much at all but a run or two a week and maybe some pushups. I’m in a rut. I have nothing I’m working toward at the moment. No deadline to meet so to speak. What’s one to do? Sign up for a half marathon, maybe? Find new workouts?

I browsed through Pinterest to find some new workouts I can do at home. New things to try. I came across the lazy girl couch workout. It’s fall TV time, of course I had to try it out. It’s only 10 minutes. I loved it! So simple to do while you’re keeping up with those Housewives, or my new favorite Outlander! I love me some Jamie Fraser!

Get over to the couch and get working!





The Ambush

The traffic was heavy going home today. More than the usual. Awful idiots not letting each other go, and the people behind you getting all pissed off if you let some in line. That drives me crazy. People are just so selfish. I can’t stand it. Anyway, aside from that my commute was uneventful. I decided to surprise the family and stop and get pizza for dinner. I can’t say it was all out of the kindness of my own heart. Truthfully, I just didn’t feel like cooking.

As I pulled down the street toward home, with the aroma of freshly  baked pizza wafting throughout my car, I saw them. All four of them. They were waiting for me. At first I was overjoyed by the warm welcoming I saw on the front lawn. The big smiles and the jumping up and down. That joy didn’t last too long. It was then that I noticed it all. The sly expressions on their faces. The yellow, orange, and black. Not pumpkins….but NERF guns. It was an ambush! Foam darts began bouncing of the sides of my car as I tried pulling into the driveway. I was under attack.

Nerf AmbushAnd to think I brought those little minions pizza! At least it wasn’t water balloons this time.