It’s Just a Rant

I’ve hit my holiday stress wall. Yup, smack in my face. Splat!! Of course this is the week I have to work all five days. I thought I was so ahead of the game this year. I have pretty much ALL of my shopping done aside from two people. That is huge! I was declaring victory until I started to revise my “lists.” We host Christmas Eve so I have lots of lists. Grocery lists, menus, cleaning lists, holiday to-do lists, baking lists. I’m buried in lists. Have I mentioned I haven’t wrapped a single gift yet?

While looking at my lists I realized that there just isn’t enough time. No, I’m not going to clean out every cabinet in the kitchen. I’ll be lucky to get all the platters and wine glasses shined up and ready. The catch-all of EVERYTHING in my kitchen is not going to be re-organized to look all tidy, along with the stack of crap on top of my refrigerator, the mess of children’s artwork taped everywhere, or the porch that has gathered debris from our latest household project. Sorry, but it’s not going to get all done and I need to be okay with that. My Virgo self isn’t totally okay with it, but I want to enjoy the holidays. So into a box it will go and stuffed into the storage closet on Christmas Eve. Out of sight, out of mind. I swear I’ll get to organizing it all…some day.

It’s time to realize I’m not Martha Stewart, Monica Gellar, or Super woman. It’s okay. Actually, now that I recall, Monica DID have a “secret closet.” See, we’re only human and our friends and family will understand. Perfection is highly overrated. However, if my husband opens a can of paint on Christmas Eve morning (which HAS happened in the past) I might be spending Christmas in a straight-jacket.

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Okay, rant over. Are you totally stressing the holidays?

Elves Like Movies Too!

It’s only the 13th of December so the Elf hasn’t turned into a pain in the ass yet. Although it will. Promise you that. I think my husband are having more fun with it than the kids. Last night’s shenanigans…

Elf on the Shelf

Why can’t the Sam the Elf and his friends have Friday Night, Movie Night too!? He’s been zip-lining, drawing on pictures, leaving notes, playing with toys, and eating a lot of snacks. The kids love it! As long as they keep laughing, we’ll keep doing it.

What has your elf been up to?