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Organization Therapy

One of my favorite things to do when the kids go to bed is sort toys. I say bye, bye to the broken ones, donate the misfits, and organize what they actually do play with. I know it’s
a losing battle. The Legos will be mixed with the Lincoln Logs, and the Imaginext mixed with the Play Mobile in a matter of hours the next morning, and I cringe at the thought. However, there is something about it that eases my nerves. Having the control to create order out of chaos. I know I’m strange. But I know there must be others out there… Come on, fess up.

3 thoughts on “Organization Therapy

  1. I love to organize too! And stepping on the GD legos every night was just killing me. So I started writing labels on my older sons toys and taking pictures to put on the cubbies and containers of my younger sons toys. We cleaned up together right before bed every night. At first it was freeing because now I just had laundry to throw in the wash and make lunches so maybe, just maybe, I would get to read a book of my own before collapsing in bed. But then something more important came of my obsessive labeling. My husband learned where the toys went too! Our boys started running around every night in their underwear and helping put away their toys before hopping into bed for their story! They were like little responsible men and nothing makes a mom more proud. LOVE the blog please keep writing!! xoxo

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