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I Can’t Be a Hoarder

I’d like to think that I am not a hoarder. I enjoy getting rid of things. I find it rejuvenating. I set up quarterly appointments with Big Sisters of Rhode Island to come to my house and pick up stuff. As I was preparing my donation this week my heart ached a bit. Baby stuff. I have three beautiful boys and do not plan on having any more children. As I pack away the tiny little shoes, receiving blankets, bibs, and infant toys the reality hits. My Finnegan is not a baby anymore. He’s two, he’s a toddler, and he is trying so hard to keep in step with his big brothers. I used to pack the stuff into a bin and put it in the basement for the next, but now I say goodbye to this stuff forever. I have to keep some things, don’t I? What do I keep and what do I let go of? I’ve decided to keep their outfits they were brought home from the hospital in. I’m trying to leave it at just that, but then I come across crocheted blankets, outfits I still adore, the turtle that played music in their crib…oh, and the crib I bought in Virginia while visiting my brother. Great memories. I can’t keep all this stuff. I’m not a hoarder.

My husband would keep everything if I let him. He’s a hoarder. The basement is full of stuff. Two baby video monitors….both broken. He wants to fix them. The boys will be in high school by the time that happens. Surveillance for curfew I guess. I enjoy going through and getting rid of stuff when he’s away for a weekend (sorry hun). Why am I having such a hard time with tiny outfits, shoes, and Duplo blocks? I’ve known for the past couple of years that I don’t want any more babies so why is this so hard?

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