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Failed Again

Back in February I had made a commitment with my self to take time for me and to stay fit. Put the laundry aside and take the time to exercise.  I would try to fit it before making dinner or when the kids went to bed.  I was doing well. I was using the LiveStrong website to keep track of my fitness and eating habits. I was proud of myself and it felt great, not to mention it set a great example for my boys. Have you ever seen a 2-year old try to do Tae Bo? Hilarious. I was doing good for quite a few months, then I failed. It started with one excuse…the treadmill broke; then another excuse, it was too hot to run outside. Then I was back to putting everyone else first and by the time I found time for me I was exhausted. I rather have the glass of wine and my goldfish.

I don’t know why I stopped. It’s not like it’s something I dread. I actually truly enjoy it. It is also very important to me to instill good fitness values in my kids. What’s with the excuses? I can come up with plenty. Finding the time is the biggest factor. I am making a new commitment to myself. No more excuses. When the kids go to bed…time to exercise. Moms, when do you find the time to fit it in?