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Project “Put Your Clothes Away”

I don’t mind laundry. The sorting, the washing, the folding. I worked in retail and love to fold clothes. What I despise and loathe is putting the clothes away. With a house currently under construction, half of my clothes are upstairs and half are downstairs. My poor husband lives out of a basket next to our dresser. What I find my self doing is putting his clothes away, putting my “first floor” clothes away, and then the rest of the “upstairs” clothes for myself and the kids go into a basket. They sit there. Another load of laundry is done and more “upstairs” clothes go into the basket and continue to sit there. Pretty soon its filled to the top. The basket sits on the table mocking me every time I come by.

At what age are kids able to handle the chore of putting all their clothes away, correctly mind you because I’m a stickler like that? My boys are soon to be 6, 4, and 2. The 2-year old I know is not ready for this task. Although he is great at putting his clothes in the hamper (sometimes along with his diaper). But 6 and 4, I think they’re ready. This weekend we will start Project “Put Your Clothes Away.” Guess it’s time to make a new chore chart. Wish us luck. I have the feeling it’s going to be more of a hassle than it’s really worth.

5 thoughts on “Project “Put Your Clothes Away”

  1. I know putting them away correctly for me became just putting them in the right draw. The piles aren’t as neat as when I folded them but they are at least away! 🙂 Have fun!!

  2. Good Luck with that, my monsters think they should get paid for putting their clothes on correctly, never mind putting them in the drawer. My fault, i know….but like everyone else, I’m learning as I go. And as my irish luck would have it, I’m learning more about how NOT to do it 🙂

  3. It is never to late to start. Teach them young. Regardless of how the draws look. Haley and Zach have been putting there clothes away for a long time.The draws are not neat but they are away and I did not have to do it which is a plus. My kids are at the age now where they even wash their clothes. Pretty soon they will be doing my

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