The Dinner Battle

If I have to say “pick up your fork and eat,” one more time I might burst. I try to make a balanced dinner. I try to give each child something they like without becoming a short-order cook. But when they all have a plate of all foods they like, why aren’t they eating it? Why do I have to tell them to eat? It’s a simple concept. It’s dinner time, there is food on a plate in front of you, we just said Grace, now eat. It’s no different from the night before. I have started to dispise dinner time, which basically sucks because I love to cook, I love food, and I love spending time with my family. How do I fix this? Must I tell them every night that “No. Mommy is not putting her computer on the table so you can watch Dino Dan or Kung Fu Panda.” It’s just exhausting. I know they will probably grow out of this and will be eating me out of house and home, but all I want is just one night where I don’t have to tell them to eat, they just do it.

4 thoughts on “The Dinner Battle

  1. I, too, have despised mealtime; it is getting better b/c my kids are getting bigger, but when I run into this problem, the choice is eat or bed. Both of my kids have chosen bed. JUST ONCE though. Neither one of them likes to go to be before the other especially when they can hear what’s going on while they are in bed and hungry. Again, each one has only made the bed choice just once. Now, unless they want to go to bed at dinnertime, they eat when and what the family is eating. Sometimes one of them might be there for quite a while though. Good luck.

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