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Constant Struggle: Work and Family

Every working parent faces the struggle of balancing work and family. The demands of work, which you need to do to support your family financially, and the demands of your family’s emotional and physical needs. If anyone knows the secret to this, please share. My first-born will be starting kindergarten in a few short weeks and I still don’t know how I am going to balance it all. I have to work full-time, working part-time is just not an option for me unfortunately. I was trying talk to my son about going to school. I have to be in work an hour before he starts school which poses a major challenge. I need to make arrangements t0 have someone else either take him to school or put him on the bus. I wanted to get his take on riding the bus to school. Just the meer mention that I would need to have someone put him on the bus or take him to school caused him to breakdown into hysterics. The eyes filled to the brim with tears, “but I want you to take me to school Mom!” Talk about tearing out your heart. I can’t do it. I know it won’t go over well with the boss. I need my job. What is a parent to do? I feel like I’m failing him because I’m a working mom.

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