I started reading an excellent book a friend of mine co-authored, The Digital Mom Handbook. The first question was to ask yourself “what is your passion?” I’ve been turning this question over and over in my head for the past week.  “What am I passionate about besides my family?” “What were my passions before all of this?”

One passion that came to mind is cooking and everything it entails. I love, love, loved to sit and watch cooking shows on Food Network. I could easily sit there for three hours and watch shows back-to-back. In my own little world Rachael Ray and I are actually friends. I like to chop and dice. The methodic movement of the knife is soothing to me. The aroma of garlic simmering in the hot olive oil is to die for. I cook dinner for my family during the week, but to me it’s not REALLY cooking. Fishsticks, mac n’ cheese, and frozen vegetables…that’s not “cooking.” Making turkey chili on a brisk Sunday afternoon is “cooking.” I am hoping that soon my sons’ palates will broaden and I can “cook” more. Wasted food is just too sad.

I had a passion for advertising and marketing. Consumer behavior, copy writing, media production…all loves of mine that I should have made a career out of. But that ship sailed when I became determined to start a family, for which I have no regrets.

For the past week I have continued to fumble through my head and observe my surroundings. What makes my heart skip a beat or sends adrenaline through my veins? As I walked through Target today I passed one of my favorite sections. Shelves, bins, and baskets…oh my. I love to organize, I love to clean. Heck, using a mixture of water and vinegar on my hardwood floors was the highlight of my evening last Friday. I seriously get a joy out of it.

A passion is something you want to live and breathe every day. Could cooking, cleaning, and organizing truly be my passions? Can I be any more a Virgo? Throw in my passion for caring for and loving my four guys…yikes. It’s official, I’m Monica Gellar of Friends. What do you have a passion for?

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