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Come on Irene

We tried to prepare best we could for the storm. Well I should say “I” tried to prepare. My husband didn’t think we would really get hit, and I must admit he’s wasn’t too far off there. I got water, candles, milk, bread, and paints. Yes, I said paint. I was anticipating a power outage, and three little boys with no TV, DVD, or Wii for a whole day. The thought is a little too frightening. I had a vision of my four-year old swinging off the ceiling fan onto the couch. My two-year old is a little too young for board games, and books and toys will only entertain them for so long. I took out the set of Imaginarium Paint and we were set for a good hour.

And as Irene whirled outside, knocking down fences and trees, and pouring rain everywhere, there was no shouting, arguing, or wrestling inside. Even my littlest guy painted picture after picture. It was something they could do independently. The paints were manageable and washed up nicely, both off the boys and off my table. We’ve used other tempura paints before but these are by far my favorite, and my boys loved that there were more color choices than your typical red, yellow, blue and green. They were entertained and out of each others hair, and mine. The pride in their eyes as they showed me their masterpieces was priceless. Van Gogh’s got nothing on these boys.

Irene came and went just as their ambition to paint more pictures. Then they were back to doing what boys do best. Chaos! It was an exhausting weekend, being trapped inside with the brood. Definitely a night for a glass of wine or two…when the kids go to bed. I prepared for that too.