The Black Hole of Reality

I am an oddity. A rare breed of people that does NOT watch reality TV. American Idol, Real Housewives, Jersey Shore… you name it, I have not seen it nor do I care to. What makes Snooki, Pauly D and all of the Kardashians so special? I could probably tell you what is going on in these shows. It’s always the talk on the radio, between friends, and around the water cooler. Yet I just don’t grasp why people gravitate to these shows and then they’re hooked like its heroine. The DVRs are filled and they wait for the next fix? How many hours do you spend a week watching other people’s lives unfold on the television instead of living your own?

Well I had my run-in with reality TV the other night. The kids were in bed, there wasn’t much on TV, but then I found one of my favorite flicks, The Proposal. Ryan Reynolds, oh my. I should have just put in my DVD, but I continued to watch it on television, which meant too many commercials. What happened next, I can’t explain. I started to flip during commercials, and right there in the guide were the names “Tia” and “Tamera.” A little bit of 90’s nostalgia set it. “Hey, I remember them!” And then it happened. I’m ashamed. I started to watch it. One sister is confused on how to do laundry, make me yak! The other is just totally self-consumed. I actually continued to watch it for a while, and continued to ask myself “why the hell are you watching this?” I almost get it, you just get sucked in. It’s like a black hole. The Dyson turned on high. You’re immediately pulled in. I finally lifted the control and crawled my way out and back to Ryan Reynolds’ gorgeous smile. It was a scary experience. I’ll just be sticking with my Grey’s Anatomy and Modern Family, and trying to avoid the vortex of ceremonial roses and GTL, which I’ve learned is Gym, Tan, Laundry…what a life.

4 thoughts on “The Black Hole of Reality

  1. I am totally sucked in to RTV! I love the Housewives franchise on Bravo and Big Brother, it is an addiction! I totally try to hide it from my kids and even my husband, its embarrassing!

  2. Nice post. Well do at times get sucked into to watching reality shows. I think, with so much of make believe things around us and lack of real challenges, pleasures, experiences, relationships, reality TV just comes across as another prop. Cheers.

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