Cave, Dungeon, PlayHouse?

Our friends came over last weekend and brought my son a belated birthday gift. He was beyond excited that his birthday hadn’t completely ended. Totally unexpected.  He opened his present and was beyond delighted with what he found behind the wrapping paper. A Color Me Playhouse! I had never seen anything like it. Not only… Continue reading Cave, Dungeon, PlayHouse?


Benefits of Playing Stay-At-Home Mom

Today I took the day to be a stay-at-home mom. Something I would love to do but unfortunately I need the weekly pay check. Anyway, I compiled a list of ten things I loved about today. 45 extra minutes of sleep. Not rushing Logan to school so I can get into work asap. Heart hammering… Continue reading Benefits of Playing Stay-At-Home Mom

The Bookshelf

The Bookshelf #2 – “Good Dog Carl”

Before meeting with Logan’s teacher during parent night at school all of the kindergarten parents met in the library, scene of my previous anxiety attack, for a meeting with the reading specialist. She informed the parents that they would be screening the children to see what level they were at and would then go forth accordingly.… Continue reading The Bookshelf #2 – “Good Dog Carl”