Is That Light I See?

No, I’m not talking about electricity, we were one of the fortunate ones that did not lose power during hurricane Irene. I am talking about phases. Children always go through these phases. Being a mother of three I’ve learned that they do actually pass. The good phases and the bad phases. They come and they go. Do I miss my oldest dancing like Lord of the Dance to the opening jazz music of Monsters Inc.? Absolutely. Do I miss him at 9 months old screaming relentlessly at 3:00am? Absolutely not. The great thing about the first child is that the “let him cry it out” is an option. With the second and the third, not so much. We don’t need the whole household up. For the past 6 months my adorable little 2-year-old has developed a strong liking and need for Mommy. At bedtime, at 11:30pm, 1:30am, 3:00am, 4:30am. Needless to say I don’t really sleep. I move through my day on a caffeinated high. And he screams…I mean SCREAMS! To the point where my sleepy 4-year old says “please take him away.” So where does that little minion end up you ask. My bed. I curse myself for this. This is not acceptable.

For months I have been telling myself that this is just a phase. It will pass like all the other phases they go through. At month 3, I started to get really nervous. Is it ever going to end? Then month 4, month 5, and finally at month 6 I can now see the light. For the past few nights he climbs in bed and says “sweet dreams.” No getting out of bed five times and me having to put him back screaming. He lets his brothers sleep. It is unbelievable how much four consecutive hours of sleep can do for you. For the past few days I have felt so rejuvenated. I no longer feel like a walking zombie. I’m able to actually get up when the alarm goes off instead of hitting snooze five times and then packing up the kids and rushing to work. A load of laundry in and the dishwasher emptied BEFORE going to work…huge leap for me.  I really think this phase it at its end…well I hope. I don’t want to jinx myself. So moms out there…the “phases,” they do pass. Embrace the ones you love and keep hope that the ones you hate will go away. And go away soon!

9 thoughts on “Is That Light I See?

  1. I can so relate to this!!! Funny, because we just had a certified baby massage therapist come by tonight at bedtime to help me put my 8month angel to bed. We are at the point where we are desperate to try anything! Our plan starting tonight is oatmeal in milk for her last feeding before bedtime and then letting her scream it out. Hope I can get through this phase soon because I to am exhausted!!

  2. We went through this when my daughter was 2. She got up every night and wanted me, so my husband dealt with her. Finally, one night we decided to end it. He sat at her door and every time she got up, he told her to get in bed. She screamed and cried. I sat off to the side so she couldn’t see me, moral support for my husband (it was 2 a.m.). This lasted more than an hour. Finally, she went to sleep. Two nights of this. My son slept through it all. : ) Good luck.

  3. I always said I’d never let my children sleep in my bed. I buckled as soon as I became a parent. The cry it out method broke my heart, I have no backbone when they are scared. I just can’t do it. On the other hand, for me, having them in the same room with me meant I slept better. There was no worrying. I worry about them being taken from their beds in the middle of the night, I know this will never happen, (as i’m knocking on wood), but I can’t help but worry about it. While the house was under construction – for more than 9 months – both my children became accustomed to sleeping in our bed. When their new rooms were finished, it became a nightly ritual of dreading bedtime because they were both terrified of sleeping alone. Again, I buckled. We are currently playing cat and mouse with this situation, and I know if i could just be firm about it, it would end rather quickly. But I can’t do it. I have no problems disciplining them, no issues taking away their toys or TV time, but when it comes to them being afraid, I’m the biggest pushover going.

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