Another First Day

With all of the kindergarten chaos throught the past week my focus slipped from the fact that my 2nd son was going to be starting pre-school. I think I packed the thought away because for once it didn’t make me nervous. He was so overwhelmingly excited to start school. He has been waiting for two years to go to his older brother’s school and have his older brother’s teacher, of whom our family absolutely adores.

He woke yesterday morning and his brother reminded him that he would be starting school today. “Yay!” He went right to his drawer and picked out his broccoli is delicious t-shirt and asked if he could wear his Spiderman sneakers. There was no apprehension, he’s been waiting and he was ready. We dropped off his brothers and headed to pre-school. There were no butterflies in my stomach, he was going somewhere I trusted. All we had were big smiles. Then the little bugger stabbed me in the back. He was so happy and confident that he didn’t even want ME to pick him up from school. He wanted Poppy!!! Poppy!? What? As much as this damaged my ego I told Poppy he could pick up my little man. I pondered it for a moment. Is it that Mom is not cool enough or is it that he just wanted his pre-school experience to mirror his big brother’s? I’m hoping it’s the latter. I know they are all going to be independent one day and not need me, but gosh he’s only 4.

I was overjoyed when I saw him that afternoon. Not only was there a smile on his face, but his eyes were smiling too. He told me all about his day with this unexpected exuberance. He was the line-leader, he made handprints out of paint, and he read books. I asked him if he made new friends and he told me he forgot to but he would make sure to do so on Wednesday. My little guy is growing up. It’s all very bittersweet but I am beyond thrilled that he loves it.

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