balancing work and family

Week 1

Well we have made it through the first week of school. All I have to say is EXHAUSTING. Exhausting for everyone. It doesn’t help that I am coming down with a cold or allergies. Our strategy for balancing work, school, and family definitely needs tweaking. Trying to get from my son’s elementary school, through two towns, and to my other son’s pre-school in 7 minutes flat…yeah, that didn’t happen. He was a few minutes late for his first day of school. How awful. Can I threaten the kindergarten teacher to be on time so I can be on time? Then I’m hauling a$$ like the Dukes of Hazard to get to work (on an expired license because I haven’t found the time to get to the DMV.) Ugh. Add that to the to-do list.

At home it’s a whole other challenge. Logan is exhausted. This school all day, every day thing takes some getting used to. He’s a little overly emotional, impatient, and uncompromising. I’m hoping this passes and he gets used to it. At least he hasn’t been bombarded with homework yet.

The house is in disarray. The hamper is overflowing, grocery shopping needs to get done, and I haven’t even tackled the mess upstairs from having my nephews and niece sleep over. The gardens need love and the dogs need baths. I need to get my Super Woman cape back from the cleaners stat.

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