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Brotherly Love

My first two boys sometimes worry me. They have some similar interests…then they are completely opposite. Like oil and water. I love that they have their individuality. I mean what fun would it be to have three little boys that were all the same? But honestly, sometimes I just can’t take it. Logan doesn’t want anything Spiderman near him. Hates it. Deacon on the other hand LOVES everything Spiderman from bedding to socks. They argue and bicker constantly. “Deacon’s not playing how I want him to play!!!”  Are you kidding me? Can’t you just compromise and play nice together? I mean how many ways is there to play dinosaurs? It’s sometimes like pulling teeth to get Logan to hug his little brother, but yet he has no problem giving his baby brother hugs and kisses. It’s just not fair. It worries me. They’re brothers, they are supposed to love and protect one another. I wonder, does he love his brother? Well now I know he does…

Last night while the boys were eating dinner I heard Logan say to Deacon, “Deac, you might not want to eat your french fries, Allie just licked them.” Now that’s true love. Saving his brother from dog-slobbered french fries. He does love him.

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