Not The Kids This Time

I often lose sleep. I doze on and off throughout the night. Just like every parent out there, the kids are the primary reason. Bad dreams, colds, the boogie-man, and the occasional “Mom, I had to pee,” or even worse, wetting the bed. It happens A LOT and with three kids the probability of being woken up by 1:30am is pretty good.

Nine years ago I became a mom for the first time. A doggie-mom that is. Avery was my first boy. My love. I had never had a dog before. I was never allowed a dog before. Now I was an adult and my fiance at the time suggested we get a dog. We became the parents of a beautiful Vizsla we named “Avery.” Avery is sweet, gentle, and highly neurotic. He has to have a blanket on him when he sleeps. He whines and whines and stomps his paws until his needs have been met. As he has gotten older he whines even more. He was diagnosed with mass cell tumors, but is still kicking like a trooper and playing with the kids.

Mr. Avery was the culprit of sleep deprivation last night. The poor thing. He was whiney, he was restless, and he destroyed my dining room floor. So I spent 3:30am to 4:15am washing floors. The poor dog looked absolutely mortified. I then spent the remaining two hours I had before the dreadful alarm laying in bed thinking about Avery. He’s getting old, he’s sick, is this it? I don’t know how we’re going to make it through the transition when the time comes. So I have been up since 3:30am just worrying. All parents worry, be it for their human children or their pets. I worry how our other dog will react. She’s a nut-case. She scratched through the aluminum door last time we took Avery to the vet. Will she die of a broken heart like in Where The Red Fern Grows? Most of all I worry about the boys. How will they react. Although I was once told that, “when my dogs go to heaven we can get an alligator.” Then there was, “when my dogs go to heaven we can get two cats and name them Al and Gracie.” I have this gut feeling that the time is looming and I’m sad. My First Boy.

Oh, and if someone out there knows of a product that can disinfect hardwoods without stripping the finish, please tell me.

8 thoughts on “Not The Kids This Time

  1. I know how you’re feeling, hang in there. Just remember back to the weekend where Avery was so full of spunk he chewed through an almost entirely metal cage while we up in New Hampshire.

    **Tea tree Oil just two tiny drops in a gallon of hot water will naturally disinfect anything. Seeing you have a house of all boys it’s the best thing to have in the bathroom too when you don’t have time to pull out a steam cleaner! xoxo

  2. I think you should attach tissue coupons to some of your posts 🙁 I have a bottle of Teat Tree Oil you can have – grab rubber gloves and a clothes pin for your nose!

  3. They really are our children. We’re in the same boat. We just lost my 15 yr old cat and we’re left with a 10yr old Weim and a 15 yr old cat. I think about losing them all the time 🙁

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