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The Bookshelf #1

I’m going to try starting something new today. I love to read and my husband I love to read to our kids. I started a library for my kids when I was a kid. I still have all of my Berenstain Bear books, including my very first one, The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist. Technically that one was my older brother’s book, but that was the first of what became a very large collection. Each of my kids picks out a book every night, well aside from Friday Movie Night, which I am sure will be another post. Once a week I would like to highlight one of our favorite books from the book shelf. Today is Mo Willems Leonardo The Terrible Monster.


I first heard of this book while reading a Julia Roberts interview. She mentioned that her twins loved it. I purchased the book and it is adorably cute. For one thing a child can now sympathize with a “monster.” The other character of the book, Sam, is Leonardo’s target. Leonardo’s mission…to scare the tuna salad out of him. It’s a cute book that explores friendship, caring, feelings, and gives you a good laugh no matter what your age. I recommend you give a whirl. My boys love it.

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  1. Anything by Mo Willems is a HUGE hit in our house. We were first introduced to him through his gem “Knuffle Bunny.” And then we discovered the Pigeon books. And now he’s got the wonderful Piggie and Elephant readers. Love him! I asked him to marry me, but that made my husband mad.

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