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First Parent’s Night

And so it begins. We had our first Parent’s Night at school. I was a little nervous. Flashbacks of our orientation came back to me and I could feel the sweat forming on my back and the butterflies flutter in my stomach. We found our spot with his little chair and opened up the folder he had waiting for us. He had told me the night before that in school they did stuff for the grown-ups, but it was a secret.

His folder was full of things they have done over the course of two weeks. What relieved me was that he actually had mentioned these things to me over dinner conversation. There was the caterpillar where he lined up the numbers in the correct order, the page he cut out stuff and matched it to the pictures that rhymed, the parrot he had drawn. When Logan was in pre-school he would always “forget” what he did that day. It was like pulling teeth to get him to tell you anything. Then near the end of the folder was “the page” I had been waiting for. The page that he told my husband and I about the second day of school. The page that said, “Did not follow directions.” It made me smile to know that he told me about this right away. His honesty. They were supposed to draw a picture about their day and he really just wanted to draw a sea monster, so he did. He has since then always followed the teacher’s instructions, but I admire him for his individuality and honesty. He’s made my husband and I very proud parents.

All in all it was a great little visit. It was funny that when scoping out the artwork and projects on the wall that my husband and I could pick out of the crowd of 24 pieces which was his. He has a style all his own. His talented daddy drew him a T-Rex for him to find this morning at school. He’s made us so proud. First Parent’s night down…how many more to go?

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  1. So cute!!! I love the fact that logan did his own thing and didn’t listen to the teacher. Best part is that he told you about it. He is such a great kid.

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