Cave, Dungeon, PlayHouse?

Our friends came over last weekend and brought my son a belated birthday gift. He was beyond excited that his birthday hadn’t completely ended. Totally unexpected.  He opened his present and was beyond delighted with what he found behind the wrapping paper. A Color Me Playhouse! I had never seen anything like it.

Not only did this playhouse provide entertainment for the evening for the kids, but over the past week this gift has been just about everything. It’s been an ancient cave with cave drawings. It has been a deep canyon of the sea for the sea monsters. It was the dinosaur cave where the little Troodons hid from the T-Rex aka Mommy after they stole her egg (a rock). The castle where the “Knights of Nevada” plotted to defeat the deadly fire-breathing dragon aka Daddy. I think we even played The Three Little Pigs. I love that they use their imagination and can’t wait to hear what they come up with next.

To our friends, we don’t mind the monstrosity in the middle of our living room. We love it! We’ve had so much fun this week. Thank you. All kids love cardboard boxes, but this one took it up a notch.

And of course I had to scope out to see what else I could find. They have a castle!!! Calling all princesses and knights!

9 thoughts on “Cave, Dungeon, PlayHouse?

  1. I have been trying to find these all over! Last year they featured them in the Target holiday add but of course our little Target in BFE didn’t have them. Didn’t even think to look on Amazon!

    This type of gift is truly my favorite for a few reasons. Cheap and cheerful goes a LONG way AND there are no batteries required. Can’t go wrong with something that sparks the imagination and gets the entire family playing either.

    Enjoy and have a fun weekend of fighting fire breathing dragons and eating dino eggs 😉

  2. Hi, I am wondering about this product by the Blue Hat company, I have seen this product but thought it was by Discovery Kids, I see your box photo shows Blue Hat Toy company, can you tell me where and when your photo product was purchased. I would like one but dont want to get the cheapie version – just wondering which brand is better and where to buy. Thank you!

    1. Hi April. We actually received this as a gift last summer so I have no idea where exactly it was purchased. Like you, I have seen them all over by Discovery Kids. My niece has one by Discovery Kids and it was of the same quality as our from Blue Hat…and of course it was just as fun. I can’t seem to find Blue Hat Company ones online anymore, but Discovery Kids are sold all over the place. Amazon, Overstock, Kohls, JC Penny, and I think Sears as well. Good luck!

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