Weekend Gripes and Smiles

My husband went camping for the weekend with the boys…the grown boys. It’s been me and the three little guys all weekend since the moment I picked them up on Friday after work, till now, Sunday evening. He’ll make it home soon I’m sure. Hope the canoe didn’t tip! There are always upsides and downsides to him being away. The up side…one less boy to take care of. It doesn’t matter if you’re an infant or an adult…ALL boys need caring for. It’s inevitable and it’s also just in my nature. The downside…no back-up. I’m out numbered. Five to one if you count the dogs. Hiding in the basement by the washing machine for 15 minutes taking a few cleansing breaths wasn’t an option. A peaceful, uninterrupted 15 minute Saturday morning shower…yeah, not happening.


  1. Deacon and Logan constantly arguing over who will open the door when we leave the house.
  2. Wrestling and throwing pillows during “down-time” – resulting in broken picture frame.
  3. Did I say constantly arguing?
  4. “When’s Dad coming home?” all day Sunday.
  5.  Every time I opened the front door on Sunday…”Dad’s Home!!!!” – Nope!
  6. Every time the dogs barked on Sunday…”Dad’s Home!!!!” – Nope! Actually, I think Daddy did just pull up.


  1. Deacon and Logan picking out a movie for Friday Movie Night without arguing. Rio – love it!
  2. Finnegan said “crocodile” correctly and clearly for the first time.
  3. Pumpkin picking and a hay ride.
  4. My parents took the boys for a few hours on Saturday and I was able to work on the toy room/spare room project I have been trying to accomplish.
  5. Logan suggested Deacon share his Friendship Snack from school and Deacon replied in his little voice, “I don’t see why not.”
  6. Painted pumpkins – they shared the paints, they complimented each other, and were quiet for fifteen whole minutes. Priceless.
Logan's Pumpkin

2 thoughts on “Weekend Gripes and Smiles

  1. Man do I feel your pain and joy here! While I was not alone with kiddos this weekend I was all week and let me tell you…things are not always unicorns and glitter around here.

    Looks like you all made the best of it. Love the pumpkins!

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