Do You Believe in Ghosts?

Ghosts, spirits, entities…however you refer to it, do you believe? I think I have always believed although as I child I tried not to because the thought was scary. I don’t even like watching scary movies. Skeleton Key totally freaked me out! When ever the dogs bark at “nothing” my brain goes into overdrive. Do they see something? We have had strange things happen in our house. Really strange things. Not threatening and I’m sure that for the majority of the experiences we have had there are most likely valid reasons for them happening. They can be debunked. When I experience something for myself I look for the logical explanation and convince myself that it was nothing. As adults, this is what we do. We no longer believe in a lot of things. But children, that’s another story. Children have this innocence and purity, and I believe it makes them more sensitive to things. This is what often makes me nervous. What do you say when you child says they see something you don’t see? Sometimes they’re too little to fully explain.

I recall my oldest son sitting in his high chair looking right past me, laughing with glee. I look over my shoulder and there is nothing there. Eerie. He would often say my friend’s name who had passed when I was in college in his little two-year old voice. My middle son once got out of bed, knowing he would get in trouble, just to bring me a picture of said friend from the book-case. He told me, “Mommy, you need this.” He was right. I had been missing her all week and was kind of in the dumps. Could she still be around? This was a comforting thought to me and absolutely ridiculous all at the same time.

Then there were strange things. Deacon would stand in his crib and scream hysterically and point to the corner of the room. What is he seeing? Is he still asleep and having a nightmare?  At eighteen months he was speaking clear sentences. He would say the “old man,” “scary man,” “old lady.” He was honestly starting to creep my husband and I out. It didn’t help that we were avid watchers of Ghost Hunters. We moved him into his brother’s room in hopes for a better nights sleep. That didn’t work either. Do you ask them questions or do you tell them they are imagining it? Logan once told us that “Deac’s just scared of the two man that look at him.” My husband then decided to prod, “what do they do or say?” Logan replied, “Nothing, they just look at him.” So there was something that was really bothering Deacon, he wasn’t just trying to get attention or delay bedtime. And then it suddenly stopped and he started sleeping better.

Now my Finnegan. It’s been happening to him. He sometimes cries at night, but then he is sometimes in hysterics. You know he’s petrified. I wonder if it’s the same reason Deacon didn’t sleep. He won’t walk past this one corner in the hallway, he stands at the end and screams. Now I am back to wondering if it’s just his addiction to Mommy or is it something else. Do you believe in ghosts?

8 thoughts on “Do You Believe in Ghosts?

  1. Wow! I didn’t think I believed in them until I read this post. I have to say, those are some pretty intense stories about your kiddos! That would scare me to hear my little guy talking about men watching or “old lady”, etc. Keep us posted on this – you could write a book!

    1. We could definitely write a book. Our house was built in 1920 and was owned by a cute old couple that all our neighbors adored…that’ my comforting thought anyway!!! The woman used to play the piano for all the neighborhood kids.

  2. I believe in ghosts or “entities.” I think you should have someone come and do a blessing of some sort. Please don’t watch that movie where the couple video’s the ghost and then the wife is taken over and eww…. you don’t even want to know the rest.

  3. Holy crap, that’s so awesome and I totally believe your friend was there watching over you, being there for you without you knowing it.

    It sounds a lot the experiences happened at our friend’s house.

    The wife said she was changing the diaper of their son, the youngest of all their kids, and he kept point to the ceiling and laughing. She asked him what he was doing and he said he could see a little boy.

    Their middle daughter used to get up and turn her bedroom light on not long after they put her to bed. They kept asking why she was doing that and she said “the boy keeps wanting to play.” They asked what boy and she said “the one with the white face.”

    They had a pacifier disappear for a couple of days only to show up sitting on their entertainment center where it would have been in plain view of anyone watching TV.

    Their black lab sometimes wouldn’t walk through the kitchen to get to the room where the rest of the family was sitting.

    They used to what sounded like something dragging across the floor of the attic. When they were converting their attic into a bedroom the husband moved everything to the top of the stairs. But the next time he went up there something was moved to the opposite corner. It was a set of Weeble Wobble toys. He said his kids NEVER went up there and would have had a hard time getting through the boxes to find that toy. We think it was the “boy with the white face.”

    As each of their kids grew up they never heard them talking about any of it and never heard them mention anything to their younger siblings. That’s not to say they didn’t, but I believe the younger kids were able to see things the others couldn’t.

    The actually found the cemetery where the family was buried and there were three tombstones, one for the husband, wife and an unnamed baby.

    I so wanted to spend the night in that house in hopes of experiencing something, anything but we never got the opportunity to.

    Sorry this is so long… haha… I get very excited about this kind of stuff.

  4. Oh my goodness, something happened the other day so similar. My son brought this statue of an angel ( he has no idea really what an angel is) and he said, “Mom they always come to us.” I said “what do you mean?” He just kept repeating, “They always come to us.” Made the hairs on my arm stand up. I believe children see angels.

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