Mommy Brain Phenom

I don’t know exactly when it all happens. I do believe it all starts to manifest during pregnancy. Some how the synapses of the neurons is altered permanently. You’re never the same. I’m proud to say that I have a very good memory. I remember things from childhood very clearly and not because of photographs. I remember them vividly. I recall my cousin forgetting to put the top of the blender on and chocolate ice cream went everywhere! I remember my great-aunt giving me a raccoon stuffed animal when I was 3. I remember getting myself dressed at age 4 and wondering why my undies didn’t feel right…I had the leg around my waist. I remember sleeping in late one morning when I was 4 and I was upset about it because I missed The Waltons. Oh John Boy.

As a teenager and college student I never had to spend hours studying. I would study a half hour before the test and I would do just fine. My brain works pretty well for the most part. I’m good with dates; birthdays, anniversaries of all sorts. Movies, television episodes…I can remember them. I’m baffled when someone says, “I’m not sure if I’ve seen that movie before.” Although the Mommy Brain phenomenon set into my brain six years ago, my brain still does these things rather well. However, there are these odd little slip-ups that I can only explain as being the result of Mommy Brain. Getting in the car to go to work while still wearing slippers. Using body wash thinking it was shampoo. Sweaters on backwards. Blurting out a series of names until you get the right one. Mixing up appointments and times when they are clearly marked on the calendar. Cereal in the refrigerator. The list goes on.

Now some things can be blamed on lack of sleep. Throughout both pregnancy and motherhood…face it, we don’t really sleep…like EVER. So not putting a diaper on the baby at 3:30am when changing them could be more about the lack of sleep. Sorry boys. I think I’ve done this one at least once with all three of them. All in all, our neurons are just not up to par like they used to be. What happened? Is it a chemical change, information/worry overload, or sleep deprivation? Is there a way to get our brains back? I want mine back, although these little slip-ups are fun to laugh at.

“The most wasted of days is one without laughter” – E. E. Cummings

What has Mommy Brain caused you to do?

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  1. Unfortunately, a lot of it has to do with driving and not being able to. Not a good thing! I’ve been getting honked at a lot lately and I don’t think people are making cat calls at me.

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