time management

Tips to Help Stress

EVERYONE has stress. Some more than other’s I’m sure, but it’s a fact that everyone has stress. We run ourselves ragged with work, family, social-life (what’s that?), taking care of our homes. But what about taking care of ourselves? In this journey of trying to find some order and balance in my chaotic life I have come across a few observations. There are a few key components to lowering the stress. Who would have thunk!?

  1. Organization – If you’re organized, things are so much easier. Disarray gives me immediate anxiety. Getting organized can be a challenge but if you attack it all one bit at a time and maintain it, life will be good. You save time having things in order. Getting the rest of the family to follow suit…now that’s a challenge.
  2. Set Attainable Goals – All the yard work and housework done in one day. Okay, Super Woman…I don’t think so. Break it down into smaller goals. If you set the standards to high you end up disappointing yourself. Not good for the self-esteem.
  3. “NO” – There is this word called “no.” Learn to use it people. I’m a people pleaser, but have been doing this for a year now and all I can say is WOW. Very simple.
  4. Ask for Help – I struggle with this one a lot. Control freak…yeah, little bit. I’m a just-do-it-myself kind of person. I’m working on trying to delegate. Does it blow up in my face sometimes….yup! But other times I wonder, why I don’t do it more often.
  5. Exercise – They say endorphins help stress. Something with the neuron transmitters or whatever. I just find it flushes some of the anxiety and clears my head. It’s also something that I can honestly say that I do JUST FOR ME.

Take these tips and do what you may. I find they’re helping me keep the grays away.