Finally Sleeping…for now

It’s 7:40 and all three of them are actually sleeping. I don’t mean in bed, but actually SLEEPING. Out cold. 7:40! Yay! They are not asking for water, they are not telling me they had a bad dream before they have even fallen asleep, no “I had to tell you something…uh, uh, uh…I love you!” They’re sleeping. For once I have put the laundry, the floors, and the mess of toys aside and grabbed an icy cold beer and put on a ridiculous television show that my friend got me hooked on….thanks Jane. My husband went to his brother’s and it’s just me. And it’s just lovely.

I enjoy being alone. Not everyone can say that, but I do enjoy it. I get to watch stupid television shows in peace. I can clean without the thought of “get off your butt and help me, do I seriously have to ask?” Anywho, I don’t know about you all, but I definitely needed this. It’s been a long weekend so far and there is still another day to go.

We started with an early 5:30 morning of “Mom I peed my bed.” Happy Saturday! It happens, I get it. This all comes with the mommy territory, but to be honest these are the times where you have to remind yourself that you signed up for this. Cleaned up and underway, the day has started. Daddy has a stomach bug and it’s just me and the little buggers for a while. We started with the park, which luckily was deserted and I didn’t have to be paranoid that I would lose sight of one. Two eyes and three little bodies, not the best ratio. Then of course before we leave all three insist that I put them on top of “Fanny” the elephant. Put on the muscles mommy she’s like 6ft tall!

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Then to the party store to get supplies for Logan’s birthday next weekend. Dinosaur theme AGAIN!! Yay, third time. One year we broke off with dragons, but now we’re back to dinosaurs. Then it was to the farm for apple picking. Daddy was feeling better and we ventured out. Beautiful family time. We all enjoyed it. I loved it because the trees were low enough for even Finnegan to pick from. He had such confidence in himself. He was able to keep up with his brothers.

Finn looking for the next apple

This was my favorite part of the day. Coraling them all through an orchard, a tad exhausting but they were good listeners. Ten or more pounds of apples later we were in the car on the way home, oh wait no….Del’s Lemonade. For you non-New England folk…the mecca of frozen lemonade. Children were happy. Then onto the ever so dreaded dinner time battle. We then planned for the Roger Williams Park Zoo Pumpkin Spooktacular! Normally I steer clear of events that keep them up later than usual, but I heard that this is event we can’t miss. I must admit that it was absolutely incredible, but never again with three little ones on the first Saturday of the event. We had to wait an hour and a half to actually see the pumpkins and by then the kids all needed to be carried. Hello mommy’s biceps again today.

All and all, I needed this. This early bed time. They went to bed at 9:30pm and STILL woke before 7 this morning. What’s up with that? So I am ignoring the laundry, the shower I didn’t finish scrubbing this morning, and the toys across the living room floor. I’m enjoying my beer and my stupid TV show. Sweet dreams.

3 thoughts on “Finally Sleeping…for now

  1. What a gorgeous family you have! The kids are all such cuties!

    Jack o lantern spectacular is awesome! I hate to tell ya….you’ll wait that long any night of the week haha We usually go on a week night and have always waited an hour or more in line. It’s just THAT popular! Only thing I can say is to do the buffet dinner first then you get in without waiting in line…but that costs moolah, and with a family of 5, its definitely not cheap!

  2. Sounds like a great (and exhausting) day for all! Glad they sensed your “mommy is done” vibe and went to bed early.

    My kids NEVER follow the rule of sleeping in if they were up late the day before either. You are not alone my friend 😉

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