Dinosaur Again…

As I have mentioned before, my oldest son LOVES dinosaurs. Ever since he could clearly pronounce the word at age two he’s been obsessed. I think we own every Land Before Time movie there is, every Imaginext Dinosaur (and we are now super excited about the new dinosaur line), and every Playskool Kota’s Pals amongst an entire bin full of plastic dinosaurs of all sizes. I thought it was a stage he would grow out of like all the other stages of things that excited him. Nope. We still LOVE the dinosaurs. Halloween age three…He wanted to be a T-Rex.

Halloween 2008

Then it was a Triceratops.

Halloween 2009

Then we found what could be considered a dragon or a Pteranodon.

Halloween 2010

So when asked what he wanted to be this year for Halloween it was either a crocodile or a stegosaurus, for which I could not find any costumes his size…and I am certainly not a good enough sewer to create one myself. When I explained to him that those weren’t an option he was a tad disappointed; however, he said that he would just wear his costume from last year because he LOVES it! It’s a little snug, but he claims it’s fine. Personally, Mommy is getting a little tired of dinosaurs and would love to see him do something different, but I respect his individuality. AND I don’t mind saving the money for another costume. So as a parent do I deter him into something different, or just let him be what he wants…again? Absolutely no detering here. I can see him now at age 20 dressed as Godzilla. The boy has passion.

Oh and did I mention that we are having our fourth dinosaur themed birthday party next weekend? I should have named this blog Jurassic Mommy.

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  1. Good for you! I was Snow White for at least 4 years in a row (and a darn good one too!). It should totally be up to your child. My son (middle child) wants to be a witch like his sister so who am I to say “No. That is too girly”. So double witches and a chubby pumpkin it will be.

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