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The Bookshelf #3 – “Too Much Junk Food”

As I posted before, my all time favorite books growing up were my Berenstein Bear books. I am overjoyed that my kids continue to love them too. We pick out three books every night and one of them is ALWAYS a Berenstein Bear book. Tonight we read one our favorites, The Berenstein Bears and Too Much Junk Food. I love this book because it helps them understand the importance of nutrition on their own level.

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They laugh when Papa Bear splits the seat of his pants and when the doctor pinches an inch of Papa’s tummy. Then their eyes go wide when they see the slides of the different systems of the body and they learn about all they do. I’m proud to say that when my children are over a friend or relative’s house that they ask for a “healthy snack.” Not always, but they do for the most part. When in the kitchen or at the grocery store they inquire about what things are healthy and whats not. I’m not just telling them they have to eat healthy, with this book they get a better understanding of why.

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  1. You should be VERY proud that your kids have a basic understanding of what living a “healthy lifestyle” really means. I see far too many parents allowing their tots to walk around with bottles of Coke or Mt.Dew. Scary!

    We have a similar thing going in our house that the kids really understand what is healthy and what is not. Problem is the older two are a little low on the weight charts so they could stand to gain a pound or two and I would be lying if I didn’t tell them “mommy puts lots of butter on your pancakes so you can grow big and strong”. I try to balance it all out with lots of fruits, veggies and protein though.

    Keep up the good work!

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