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Winter Grievances

We’ve had a few chilly mornings recently here in New England. I find myself not completely enjoying the beautiful fall weather because I know what is looming in the midst of the crimson leaves. It’s right there lurking behind the mums and pumpkins. Winter. I like snow, it’s pretty…but I don’t like the rest of it. I have a few grievances with winter.

1.) First and foremost, having to turn on the heat. The checkbook is already shaking in my purse.

2.) My Reynaud’s is starting to act up. Here we go with white and purple fingers and toes. Continued with numbness and clammy palm sweats.

3.) Bundling the kids in jackets, hats, boots, scarves, mittens…and finding all when we are in a rush to get out the door and not be late. And getting them to leave their mittens on and not lose them.

4.) The endless nose faucets of spewing mucus.

5.) SOCKS. Socks, everything about socks. Having to wear them, having to pull them out of the hamper in dirty sweaty balls of gross, having to sort them and put them away. Not to mention finding them in every hiding spot throughout the house AND the dryer sending them to a mysterious universe where they will never be found again.

I won’t even get into the dirty slush and salt trekked across my floors, the snow plows scratching the pavement at 2am, and the added laundry because the loads are bigger with sweatshirts and long-johns. I’ll try to enjoy it a bit, but here’s hoping for an early spring.

2 thoughts on “Winter Grievances

  1. I loathe winter for these very reasons too. I am thankful that we don’t have to leave the house much since I work from home but now that Ava is in school and Ian is soon to follow I will have to get used to the hustle and bustle of freezing morning rush to get everyone ready. ACK! Let’s hope for a few more weeks of tolerable temps 😉

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