The Sippy Cup

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The sippy cup. A wonderful invention by Richard Belanger that allows toddlers to roam around the house without spilling their drink. Very clever and very useful. While practical it also poses danger. The danger you ask?…the MISSING sippy cup. One minute your little one is toddling around with their sippy cup of milk. The next moment you look, the little guy is no longer holding the sippy cup. Where is the sippy cup?

First, you look at the table…not there. The floor…not there. On the couch…not there. Then the real search begins. Under the furniture, inside the toy box, where on earth could it have gone to in such a short amount of time. The panic sets in and you can almost hear the curdling of milk in the distance…somewhere unbeknown to you. You can almost smell the putrid stench from memories of previously found sippy cups. Time is of importance. If the missing sippy cup is gone for over 8 hours, you’re in trouble. If you’re anything like me you have learned your lesson and you just buy more sippy cups!

I found one yesterday wedged between the wall and the radiator. Fabulous. Sippy cup of chocolate milk missing for 48 hours. I didn’t even bother to try and salvage it. Where have you found sippy cups?

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