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The Combination of Two

Before my husband and I were even engaged we talked about having a family some day. He wanted four kids, like his family; I wanted two kids, like my family. So what did we do? We compromised and decided on three… we needed a tie-breaker. Three beautiful boys later and our family is complete. I admit that having three little boys, 6, 4, &2 is a challenge. Challenge might be a bit of an understatement. The arguing, the yelling, the fighting, the bruises and the tears. They certainly challenge our patience. However, all in all they love each other. They get along well for the most part, but with three it can be difficult to get them all to play nice at the same time. The odds are not always in mommy and daddy’s favor but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Occasionally one little boy gets plucked from the mix. Either Logan is in school, leaving the two little guys behind, or a family member will take one for some one-on-one time, or Finnegan will actually take his nap (love those moments). Either way you split them, when there are just two of them things are so much different. It doesn’t matter which combination of two you have, it’s like a walk in the park. The 6 & 4, the 2 & 6, the 4 & 2, it doesn’t matter, it  just works out harmoniously and I don’t seem to understand why. I should probably not question it, just go with it. They each have very distinctive personalities and are into different things, but when there are just two of them they seem to mesh well together. I wouldn’t label any of them the most difficult. They all have their little quirks and bad moments.

The norm when all three are together: Logan is shouting that Deacon is not “playing the right way” (whatever that means),or Logan won’t let Deacon’s Spiderman blanket touch any of his stuff, or Deacon will knock down the fort and then Finnegan is stealing all of the blankets while throwing dinosaurs across the room at his brothers. These are the constant screams that are coming from our house. Our neighbors must love us! However, if you remove any one of these boys from the equation a calm peacefulness falls upon us all. It’s baffling. Do I wish I stopped at just two? NEVER. I love the chaos, and we occasionally get those moments were all three actually get along.

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  1. I love this. I feel the same pain although I have one of the opposite gender to balance things out so that helps. I feel like the “three is a crowd” is at work here. Two is just better and easier from that standpoint but three is also kinda magical and I know I wouldn’t want it any other way either!

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