Balloons Are Not Just for Birthdays

My children have been well entertained for HOURS this morning. Who would have figured out that a $2.49 purchase at CVS could bring hours of entertainment for all three of my boys. Balloons. We purchase a package of ballons, blew them up, and the boys and the dogs have been having a ball. They have batted them around the living room, put light sticks inside them, and we have pretended that they are dragon eggs that need to be protected from the dragon egg-eating monster. They even took a bath with them and popped some just for fun. We know one thing that will be on our winter survival list.

One thought on “Balloons Are Not Just for Birthdays

  1. I have this reminder every time we throw a birthday party! The kids are so busy playing with balloons the following week it makes me wonder why I don’t just keep them on hand all the time. Great winter survival suggestion 😉

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