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I’m Going to Whine This Wednesday

Okay, sorry, but I’m going to whine a little bit this dreary Wednesday and it’s only morning, still lots of day left.

  1. Finn woke up early putting a crunch in my getting ready for work in peace, which then got me running late for work.
  2. My radio is suddenly not working in my car. The entire console is no longer illuminated and I don’t even know how late for work I am because the clock is not working. Working in automotive forensics I am now paranoid that there is an electrical short somewhere and the vehicle is going to go up in flames.
  3. Due to radio being disabled I missed my Karson and Kennedy daily pop trivia questions: just one of my stupid little things I enjoy in the morning.
  4. The line for the drive-thru at the coffee store was out to the street, thus making me more late than I was already.
  5. It took me an hour last night to clean ONE radiator. At this rate I won’t be turning on the heat till January. I’m not looking forward to cleaning more of them tonight.
  6. AND this hang-nail is a bitch.

I know it’s only morning but I can’t wait for my glass of wine tonight when the kids go to bed, on fortunately I’ll be enjoying it while washing radiators with a tooth brush!

3 thoughts on “I’m Going to Whine This Wednesday

  1. Ouch. I despise days that start like that. I hope things start looking up for you today. Thank goodness for wine although cleaning while drinking it is not the same thing. Maybe sweeten the pot and add an audio book to the mix? I like listening to them while I clean because it totally distracts me. Happy Wino Wednesday 😉

  2. Sounds like you had a fabulous Wed morning.. Let’s hope you can get everything done by Modern Family time!

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