Fall or Winter: We’re a Litte Confused

I love fall. The colors of crimson, sienna, and gold. I love raking the leaves into big piles, and the boys and the dogs have a  ball jumping in them. The beautiful mums, the smell of wood-burning stoves and freshly baked apple crisp. The leaves on a lot of the trees around here are either still green, or they are just turning and still clinging to the branches of the trees. I have yet to spend a weekend raking leaves. However, I did spend the morning cleaning SNOW off of my car. What is up with that? When the boys woke this morning and looked out the window, you would have thought it was Christmas and Santa came and littered the living room with presents. They were beyond thrilled with the 2 inches of snow we got. So, what did we do on this fall morning…we made snowballs!

The snow was perfect for snowballs. Heavy, sticky snow!

The dogs enjoyed the snow too. Avery mostly just tries catching the snowballs the boys throw…and then eats them.

Finn likes to eat snow too. And it was difficult to get Finnegan to come back inside.

So what is going on Mother Nature? Snow in October! We had a very fun morning, but I would like to enjoy all that FALL has to offer BEFORE winter begins. This is just not right.

5 thoughts on “Fall or Winter: We’re a Litte Confused

  1. Wow! You even beat us here in MN. We have yet to have a “real” snow beyond a few random flakes. October snowfall is more or less typical here. Glad you were able to rise above it and ENJOY the white stuff. Sadly there will be too many months of “enjoying”. ACK!

    The real question is…did it stay or melt right away?

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