Want, Want, Want

Flying through the dining room, around the table, and toward the bathroom, “Mom, I got to go potty, can you get me a toy magazine please!” he shouts. Toy magazines. We now have an over abundance of toy magazines and he is just thrilled. They started arriving before Halloween and have accumulated on top of the coffee table, next to the toilet, on the dining room table, in his bed. The boy has yet another obsession. His two brothers don’t show this kind of excitement. His two brothers don’t go checking the mail every day. His two brothers don’t circle EVERYTHING. The boy just wants and wants.

This is just some of them

We try to explain that you can’t ask for everything. You need to think of others. “No Logan, Papa does not want an Animal Planet Helium Shark for Christmas.” Even when selecting gifts for others he thinks about what HE wants rather than what the recipient would truly enjoy. Well maybe that’s not entirely true, he did see a Darth Vadar mask and suggested he get it for Deacon. We try to explain that there are children who are less fortunate. His reply is that he’ll just give them some of his old toys. He’s a bright boy and has an answer for everything. It really saddens me that he’s somewhat greedy.

Prehistoric Pets, Skylander, D-Rex, EVERYTHING Animal Planet and Imaginext, even a flashlight that makes animal sounds. He wants them all. He’s a collector. Once he has one of something he needs the rest to go with it. We had this under control for a while, but the alliance between the retail chains and the US Postal Service have derailed any progress we had made. My evenings have now been filled with shouts from every room, including the bathroom, “Hey Mom! Come see this. It’s awesome!” A cardboard mountain with cardboard dinosaurs? Really? Here’s a box, go have a ball. He picked out an entire 20-piece zoo set because he wanted the alligator in it. Seriously. So here come more lectures from Mom and more “want, want, want” from my boy. I hope we all make it through this season in one piece.

4 thoughts on “Want, Want, Want

  1. We got the Target one yesterday & I accidentally forgot to put it into the recycle before D saw it. Big mistake. He was home sick today from school & scouring that Target mag filled up a good portion of the day. He was constantly begging me to “come see” the toy that had captured his eyes for a few seconds & he’d say “I’m going to buy that for Christmas!” only because I’ve started introducing the concept of “his” money to him. Oy. I just kept telling him things like “Aren’t those dream magazines fun? You just get to dream about all kinds of things.” hoping he’d get the hint. Nope. It’s a “gotta have” kind of world we live in, sadly. Keep fighting against it! 🙂

  2. When the Wish Book (Sears) arrived. Oh the excitement. I asked Tony to show me what he had circled. Everything. I asked why he had circled the girl stuff. His answer was thats for Sheri.

  3. lol, that is too cute. My son asks for my Ipad. I have just gotten use to it so I keep some glass wipes in my office to clean it up after, just in case. lol He has learned to find Target .com or Amazon to shop for toys and guitars. Drives me crazy.

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