Star Wars Intervention Update

My four-year old’s newest favorite pastime is playing Lego Star Wars on our PS3. I love that he and his dad get to bond, I have even given it a go or two, but the two of them play way too often. It’s not just the amount of time in front of the television that bothers me, it’s that he’s not learning anything and this new obsession seems to constantly be on his mind. When he first wakes in the morning he asks if he can play his game today. When I pick him up at school he asks again. When I come home from work he is playing it. So I tried to find a way to intervene and limit his time. I’ve been timing him, but when he’s playing with Dad, why should I have to be the bad guy? When Daddy is saying they need 10 more minutes to get through the mission, what am I to do? Play Bad Cop again!! I’m so tired of that as it is.

The threats that his brain is turning too mush don’t seem to work as well as they first did so I found another way. He just started pre-school for the first time and he needs to work on writing his name, etc. So school may not be giving him homework, but Mommy is. He has to complete writing his name four times in order to even ask to play his game. Now he wakes up asking if he can write his name four times. I know what this request really means, but I rather hear his enthusiasm for writing “his letters” rather than hearing about defeating the Dark Sith. We will continue to practice writing our letters. At this rate he’ll have the gorgeous script of John Hancock by the time he’s six.

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  1. You are so clever, Sheri!!! I love your blogs!!! It is comical to me when parents say they have no control over their children when they are young. If you outsmart them in the beginning, they will never know you are getting the upper hand, i.e. being a responsible mom/dad and putting your foot down!

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