Happy Birthday Allie-Ballie

My Allie. Allie-Ballie, Allie-oopa, Allister, or the kids favorite….Allie Big-Butt Girl turns 6 today. I definitely wasn’t in the right state of mind when I let my husband convince me to get a second dog. I was a new mom. Logan was only a couple of months old. The theory at the time was that getting another dog would give our Avery someone to play with seeing the baby was monopolizing our time. Yeah… that theory didn’t hold up well, but she was so, so cute.

Allie was a big test. I remember coming home from work with the baby and the entire kitchen needed cleaning from the ceiling to the floor, the cabinets…everything. Oh the tears. Things gradually got better, but she still aways seemed to get herself in trouble. I consider her my 85-pound cat. You can frequently catch her on top of the dining room table, or laying on the back of the couch by the window. She has managed to get onto the kitchen counter to get the treats off the top of the refrigerator.

Allie has a sweet-tooth. For those of you who think chocolate will kill your dog…Allie is still kicking. 9×13 tray of brownies! 9×9 tray of fudge. She has even managed to get the lid off the sugar bowl and eat the contents. Rule #1, NEVER turn your back on her. The kids keep guard of each others plates,..and of course share their vegetables. She has literally taken the food right off the counter as I bend down to grab Tupperware out of the drawer.

Yes, she’s a handful, but then she is so sweet. I have never played fetch with a dog that actually brings the ball back and drops it at your feet. If it’s too far for me to reach, she brings it closer. She’s my couch buddy during Grey’s Anatomy and she keeps me warm on winter nights. So Ms. Allie, even though you are a severe pain in the butt, you’re still loved. Just please stop jumping the fence like a gazelle.

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