The Girls Want My Boys

My boys are just boy kind of boys. They like their dinosaurs, their swords, their golf clubs, and pirates. They love the outdoors and love to use their imagination. They don’t care about getting dirty or combing their hair. They are just boy-boys. Actually, let me correct myself…girls can be this way too, I was. I’m sure there will come a time where they become interested in girls, but for now I’m the girl in their lives.

However, recent events have brought my attention to the GIRLS. The girls seem to have grown a liking to my boys. Specifically, my 6 and 4 year-olds. Last week started with my husband sending me a photo of Logan and my neighbor’s granddaughter rolling in the grass laughing. Rolling in the grass with girls already…help me please. Now Logan doesn’t really talk about girls in his class or little Catherine much so I’m trying to pass this off as just playing with friends (unless he’s just being suave by pretending not to be interested). School pick-ups and drop-offs, “Oh it’s Logan!” They come running like moths to a lamp in summer. He shrugs and says “Hi” and then puts down his head. Is this all an act? Is he trying to spare his mommy’s feelings? Please say he’s not interested in impressing any of these girls yet. I’m just not ready, nor do I ever think I truly will be.

Then there is my adorable little man Deacon with his deep brown eyes and captivating smile. He doesn’t remember any names of his school friends except for two of them… the loudest boy in class and the shyest little girl, for whom he refers to by her entire name, first and last. I had an inkling that something might be brewing between the two. That little inkling was confirmed when we received a package in the mail on Friday. Two tiny containers of colored marshmallows. It wasn’t just the treat that took my breath away, it was the note that was dictated by the shyest little girl in class. “Love you. You are handsome and sweet.” You better watch out you cute little adorable blondie, that’s my little boy…for now.

They’re 6 and 4. Give me at least eight more years please.

3 thoughts on “The Girls Want My Boys

  1. Wow! They are growing up fast. I can’t believe it’s the GIRLS being interested in them first! HA So cute though.

  2. Let them play with girls as much as possible!!! When they get old enough to care what their school boy friends think, they may turn up their noses.
    Because I have 2 girls, I can say that, especially with my first, there wasn’t much balance–she really only ever wanted to play with other girls. She’s still shy around boys!
    I’m sure it’s completely lovely and sweet and innocent. Could they know anything different at this age? Oh, I miss when my youngest had actual boy friends come over. Now we will be waiting for the other kind of boyfriend. Yes, that will be a bit scary!

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