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Thankful for Little Mementos

When loved ones leave our lives we’re left with little mementos, for which I am grateful for. Be it a certain flower, a scent, a certain meal…they remind us of the ones that are no longer here. I’m thankful for all the little mementos I get on a daily basis. Here’s a list of things that make my heart smile and ache at the same time.

Purple pansies

The scent of vanilla

Red-tailed hawks

The smell of green peppers simmering away

The coffee shop in Riverside


Ambrosia salad

Digging for worms

Opening a can of tuna

All little things that mean nothing to some people, but mean everything to me. What little mementos do you keep close?

2 thoughts on “Thankful for Little Mementos

  1. Anything Norwegian reminds me of my Grandmother. Seeing something as simple as a doily or gnome makes me feel nostalgic. I like those little reminders too. Keeps her close to me without even having to think about it! I like to think that she presents those things TO me so that I never forget.

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