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The Bookshelf #6 – The Dinosaurs’ Night Before Christmas

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Tis the Season! The Christmas stories are flying off our bookshelf every night. One of our favorites of course is The Dinosaurs’ Night Before Christmas by Anne Muecke and Nathan Hale. Anything with dinosaurs. I must apologize that most of our books do include dinosaurs.

I think one of my favorite things about this book is that it takes place in New York City at the American Museum of Natural History. A real setting that my kids can relate to. We spent an entire afternoon just exploring the dinosaur floor on our last trip to the city. It’s a classic T’was the Night Before Christmas tale with a dinosaur twist. The fossils come to life and celebrate Christmas, and even Santasaurus comes into town. The illustrations are phenomenal and really bring the story to life…along with the dinosaurs. It’s a little boys dream!

And the added bonus…the book comes with a CD of Al Roker’s narration. We usually read it ourselves, but we occasionally put in the CD. It also has dinosaur themed Christmas music! You can read the lyrics in the back of the book. It makes an excellent gift!

4 thoughts on “The Bookshelf #6 – The Dinosaurs’ Night Before Christmas

  1. Yet another dino book we DON’T have! I am adding it to my list as we speak.

    Every year in the beginning of December we gather all of our Christmas books together and read them exclusively as a way to get into the “spirit”. It really is fun and we all look forward to it.

    Thanks for the book reco 😉

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