Only One Broken Bulb

Well I  must say that decorating the tree this year was a success. Only one broken bulb in the process This might be because our ratio of breakables and non-breakables has changed over the past few years. It was a bittersweet process. I love to decorate the tree and I love that the boys are enthusiastic about it, but I get rather aggravated that they don’t listen…well, truthfully it’s just one particular boy who has a problem with listening. “Just let mom do the glass ones, you guys have a whole box of other ornaments.” I must have told him six times to get his hands out of the breakable box. I finally gave him one to fulfill his fixation and he did rather well, it survived the trip to the tree and is securely hanging from a good branch. He then continues back to the breakable box again! I tell him to stop and wait…but nope, he just proceeds and crash the bulb goes to the floor. It’s really not a big deal. It’s not a special ornament that’s been handed down from my grandmother. It just aggravates me because he just didn’t listen. I reassure him that it’s okay and accidents happen, but I’m fuming a little inside. JUST LISTEN PLEASE!!

Deacon and his fragile ornament

The two year-old is a whole other story. He’s young enough not to listen and understand completely that things are fragile. But driving the Bounce-back Racer into the tree multiple times and whacking the tree branches with the remote antenna…seriously! He finally put the car aside and decided to help out a bit, if you could even call it that. I think he took off more ornaments than he put on.

Finn finally taking part in the decorating

And Logan just did his job diligently and helped his younger brothers. I mean 5 years of this and he’s a pro. He proclaimed over and over how amazed he was that it was just a regular tree a few hours ago, sitting in the rain, and now its a beautiful Christmas tree!!

Logan ever so carefully with his shell

And, he claims it came out “just lovely.” I must say I agree. Although the bottom and top need some balancing off. The bottom half is looking a little heavy with ornaments. Hopefully they don’t notice that I moved some around when they were sleeping.

5 thoughts on “Only One Broken Bulb

  1. Oh the joys of attempting to decorate a tree with little ones involved. I have to say I love it and have for the most part gotten rid of anything breakable.

    I have decided that this may be the year we don’t have a tree inside our house though. The thought of keeping my 1-year-old out of our tree makes me feel sleepy. I am more worried about him getting hurt then the tree itself. We have large windows onto our deck from the living room so I think we could put it there and still enjoy the decor without the pain or injury.

    Happy elfing 😉

  2. How cute are they! I can’t wait to get started but first I have to move things around. If DH would just break down and buy a pulldown ladder from the basement I would sneak a few boxes of decor down to get started. But that place scares me silly.

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