Small Attempt To Tackle The Chaos

There is stuff everywhere. Every drawer, every shelf, every little space is full of just STUFF. Honestly, how much stuff do we actually need? I have FOUR junk drawers. Four of them! Is that absolutely necessary? I mean I kind of have them organized, but they never seem to stay that way. I try to do the out of sight out of mind thing, but that doesn’t really work with me. Do you ever find yourself receiving a phone call that a friend is around the corner and about to stop by? You look around you and panic sets in, a squall has passed through your home (aka the kids) and nothing but destruction and chaos has been left in its path. Everything in sight gets tossed into the nearest drawer. This happens to be me all the time, actually this is sometimes my husband’s form of cleaning. Just stuff it in a drawer somewhere. I always say I’ll get back to it and put it all away where it actually belongs. The days turn into weeks, the weeks into months, and the drawers are stuffed so badly that I can barely open them let alone find anything I’m looking for.

So what did this mama do on Friday night? I made a feeble attempt to go through the drawers. I honestly didn’t get too far, but I got through the two art drawers and the main drawer of accumulated crap. Two broken pairs of sunglasses, four broken flashlights, an empty roll of scotch tape, and a dinosaur with a missing head during a lost battle with one of the dogs. WHY are they even in there? Why weren’t they just put in the trash where they belong?  I starting pulling out photos and artwork of Logan’s…from pre-school graduation. That tells you how long I’ve spent putting off this mission. I can’t believe I let the entire summer go by without getting this under control. All the little things like this kind of pile up and become so overwhelming. It’s like I just shut down and let it be even though inside it drive’s me absolutely insane. So I am happy with my small feat. I’ve started my attack on the utter chaos that is my life. These little things are things I can control. It’s also nice to reach into the drawer for a pen and not get stabbed with the push-pins that got spilled in there months ago. And throwing away crap feels so good, almost liberating.

Finally, something to cross off one of my list of to-dos. Now onto the battery/chargers/extension cords drawer. Ugh. It never ends. A lovely Saturday night.

3 thoughts on “Small Attempt To Tackle The Chaos

  1. The amazing thing is it dosnt take long to clean up the drawers but is so easy tp procrastinate doing it!

  2. I’ve started to use those clear plastic storage bins & that’s helped. I keep batteries of all kinds in one, lightbulbs in another, cords, candles, meds, band aids, etc. – most of the bins get stored in the garage but even on closet shelves I feel “better” about it. I’ve still got 2 junk drawers, but at least the stuff we use on a consistent basis is somewhat tidier 🙂

  3. Doesn’t it feel great!!?? I love throwing things away, however, I live with a pack rat – so I have to do much of the purging when he leaves. He never missing a thing!!

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