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Where’s My Little Fish?

My littlest guy loves the bath…wait that was loved the bath. I have no idea what the problem is lately, but he’s been so difficult about getting into the bath. I don’t know what happened. He went from begging for the bath three times a day and pulling full-blown temper tantrums until he had his way. He would patiently wait in the tub fully clothed in hopes of changing our minds.

We even get in before mommy has gotten our clothes off…

Bath time is fun! We always have fun. We play with balloons…

We play with bubbles….

He’s always loved the bath so I don’t understand why, for the past two weeks, I have had to force him into the bath just get him cleaned up. It’s awful! He screams and cries until he’s all done. I don’t want to traumatized the poor thing but he needs to get cleaned. It’s rather bazaar. None of us know what caused the shift. It all started when we all got a cold, but that was weeks ago. I want my little Finn the little fish back.

4 thoughts on “Where’s My Little Fish?

  1. This is crazy but my daughter went through the same thing when she was around 18 months. She would go ballistic and fight in every way possible to avoid a bath.

    At first I thought maybe the water was too hot. Maybe the bubbles were causing irritation? Maybe the tub has started to scare her so we would bring fun toys in. This lasted for about 2 or 3 weeks. She had very few bathes during that time but then it was like BAM…it was over and she loved the bath again.

    Thankfully it has not resurfaced as an issue but it can be painful for mommy and daddy to have to endure the thrashing and stench! Good luck 😉

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