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The Bookshelf #7 – Me and My Dragon

Thanks to a blog post I read in the Land Of Ridd I ordered a great book for the boys for Christmas. It just arrived and one look at the cover and I had to read it. Me and My Dragon by David Biedrzycki. I was most captivated by the illustrations. Amazing, vibrant illustrations. This adorable dragon’s facial expressions on each page will make you smile.

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I read the story my self, but I can’t wait to share it with the boys. It’s all about a boy who wants a dragon for a pet, my son Logan can totally relate. He asks us all the time if he can have a dragon for a pet, then I find him using his brothers as his pretend dragon pets. The story goes through how the boy would take care of his dragon and all the things they would do together. It’s also rather resourceful; there is a list of tips on raising a dragon. Who doesn’t need that. So thank you Land of Ridd for this excellent recommendation. I am so excited to read this to the boys come Christmas.

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