Shopping for a Soldier

I had a mission today. One that had get done, no procrastinating allowed. I had to go and get a few things to send overseas to a soldier. My husband and I compiled a list of some things to bring a little Christmas cheer to a friend. The most frightening part of my mission was that I had to go it alone with all three boys. Normally this isn’t a problem, I’m a pro like that. But today is Saturday. Target on a Saturday is absolutely dreadful. Target on a Saturday with three little boys in the middle of the Christmas shopping season… now that’s just a suicide mission.

I sat them down before we left to let them know what our mission was. Our mission was to get a few things that would bring some Christmas cheer to a soldier. They know what a soldier is. Every night they end their prayers with “God bless the soldiers fighting for America.” I was hoping that they would be engaged and want to help on this mission. My fear was going by the toy aisles and the candy aisles with all three boys who have been all hyped up thanks to all the toy magazines. I knew it wouldn’t end well. I knew there would be whining, maybe a few tears, and a ton of “please, please, pretty please.”

At 1300 hours we pulled into the parking lot. “The Target” they call it. A few deep breaths and I was ready. Of course they wanted the monstrous cart that they all fit in. Trying to manuever this damn thing is torturous. Oh the people, they were everywhere. And then of course came all the looks and glances and comments, “three boys, God bless you.” God bless me PLEASE, I’m in Target during Christmas with three boys 6 and under. And let me tell you, I WAS blessed. They amazed me. They were so well-behaved. No whining. Just one “Can we get those some other day mom?” They understood our mission. They knew not to ask. Logan asked once if we could go down the toy aisle. I explained there were just too many people and we had things to do. Normally he would ask about seven more times in hopes that I would cave, today he just said, “Okay mom.” They truly impressed me today. Even my 2 year-old didn’t have a complete meltdown when we passed the T-Rex on the end cap. He just pointed and hollered once and on we went. I wish every shopping experience with them could be like this. I couldn’t be more proud of their behavior today.

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  1. We had a similar “mission” today at target but for children in the DSS program through our church and my kids were also amazing. Grace actually said ” I can give some of my toys too!” xoxo

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