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Tuesday’s Tackle

The little helpers

We purchased our house seven years ago, this Christmas. I can’t believe we have been here for seven years. Our house was built in the 1920’s, so they say. I don’t think it was ever updated after 1950. We knew we had our work cut out for us, but there was just something about this house that drew us in. Needless to say, we bought when the market was high, added three kids and a second dog to our family, and now we find it harder and harder to get anything done around here. Money and time, two things we definitely need more of. And it also seemed like I was pregnant for five years, which poses many limitations. We have a lot of polying to catch up on. The great thing is that my husband and father in-law are both completely capable of doing almost everything themselves (if they’re not bickering like father and son on how to do something). It just seems that nothing ever gets finished…well, actually it doesn’t SEEM that way, it IS that way. I can’t leave my husband to do a task alone, he’ll end up starting one thing and then go do another. I came home from work one day to my second floor bathroom partially gutted, when he was supposed to be working on the first floor bathroom. That was four years ago…the second floor bathroom is still partially gutted. And the first floor bathroom you ask? It’s functional but not finished of course. This is the way everything is. Once it’s functional all production comes to a halt. So basically, in order for anything to get accomplished we need to do it together.

About a month or so ago we decided that Tuesday night would be our night to get something done around the house together. I literally have an entire spreadsheet page of things we need to do. From simples fixes to big projects. We WERE supposed to pick something from the list every week and then when the kids went to bed we would get to work and have some time together as well. A month or so in and we still haven’t done this together. I have accomplished ONE thing on my list of to-dos and I am rather irked! I don’t want to spend the weekend doing these things, the weekends are my chance to spend with the boys. It’s our family time. So I’m making my commitment to start working on this list…If I get help from the hubby, then great. If not, oh well. It’s time to put the tool belt on, and get to work. Every Tuesday I’ll attempt to tackle something on the list. Wish me luck…lots of it. I might start with polying the boys shelves that I stained a year ago.

Exhibit A – First floor bathroom circa 2008. First floor bathroom…STILL NOT DONE!!!

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