Bossy Pants

It was a typical Sunday morning. We stayed in our jammies most of the morning. The beauty of the morning was that the two older boys were playing really well together. A combination of Imaginext Pirates, dragons, and Legos. The little guy had just settled down to watch one of his favorite movies, The Incredibles. My husband had already left for some football festivities. I figured this would be as close as I was going to get to finding the perfect time to get in the shower. I seized it. Then of course in less than two minutes it all began. I could hear the yelling and then the pitter-patter, actually no, stampede would better describe it. Down the stairs they came and I could tell, as all mom ears can tell, they were running circles around the dinning room table one chasing the other. Dear Lord, all I wanted was a five-minute hot shower. It was all harmonious just before my attempt.

The two older boys were immediately put into time-out until I was ready to deal with them. The cause of this fiasco…”Deacon made a butt-pincher with the Legos and keeps trying to get me!” So on came the Mommy lecture about brothers, family, kindness, and letting mommy have a peaceful five minutes to her self. After tears, apologies, and hugs they headed upstairs. Then I heard the words, “See Loge, I told you Mom was going to be the boss all day today.” Okay. “The boss all day today?” Hey guys mommy is the boss EVERY DAY. They surely must have forgotten, or do they know the truth? The truth is our children dictate our lives pretty much. Sure we make the rules and try to enforce the rules but you know we all give in to make things go smoother here and there. We’re all guilty of doing what is easiest for us at the time. They often have that upper hand. I mean seriously, their actions decide when we can take a shower, take a phone call, even sit down to a hot meal. So parents, stay strong, hold your ground, and try not to let them know that they rule the house.

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  1. I know you probably weren’t laughing when you heard him say that, but when I picture it, it gives me a chuckle! I’m such a softie when it comes to rules and my dogs… I have to toughen up for kids!

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