A New Alliance

Okay, I now need to form a new alliance. Our Elf on the Shelf, “Sam”, has left us and in his wake he’s left a few whiney, over-tired, spoiled-rotten little boys. Between Santa and our relatives we have an over abundance of toys. Between party after party we have very tired little boys. A not-so-good combination. So this mommy has developed her own new alliance. “Elf Squad 3000.” Elf Squad 3000 comes to your house the day after Christmas. If you’ve acted like a whiny brat or have misbehaved the Elf Squad 3000 takes toys BACK. All that being good before Christmas doesn’t count. You need to be good all year round. Just because you were so good for a month and half and got what you wanted from Santa, doesn’t mean you get to keep your toys and start acting up. No, no. So yeah, I lied to my boys and created a fictional group of elves that will take the toys back to the North Pole, but they’re playing so nice together right now…totally worth it.

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