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Goodbye Christmas

Phew…the holiday craziness is over!! Now back to a somewhat normal schedule. The boys are still adjusting back to the “school” schedule, hell so is Mom and Dad for that matter. So we have had the whines, the tears, and the bedtime battles this week (not just the kids). We packed away Christmas and more importantly my treadmill has been freed! *bells ringing* In order to fit the christmas tree nicely in the living room I had to fold up my treadmill. For some the treadmill is evil, the treadmill is taunting, the treadmill is a clothes rack, but for me the treadmill is my stress reliever. It’s my time to listen to MY music, read MY magazines, go at MY pace, and be in MY head. It’s my Me Time… aside from when a little boy gets out of bed and scares the bejesus out of me (thanks Logan). I can’t run outside in this cold winter weather. My body just won’t allow it. I saw someone running yesterday in 14 degree weather and felt the inkling to go grab them a blanket and then check them into a mental facility. They’re crazy!

Three days of reclaiming my treadmill and I feel so much better than I have in weeks. I’m happy and less stressed and I definitely have more patience, which I completely have needed to get through this week. So bye-bye Christmas, even though I really enjoy the holidays I really needed them to be over. I just didn’t know how badly I needed it until now. ME TIME!! Oh how I’ve missed it.

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