A Child’s Obsession Over the BFF

My 4 year-old is obsessed with his older cousin lately. To the point where I want to go find some duct tape. He seriously talks about him Every. Single. Day….and Night. “Can Ryan sleep over?” “Can Ryan come over?” “Ryan’s my bestest friend and I miss him.” ” I want to go to Ryan’s house.” “Can I play Pirates of the Caribbean with Ryan?” Every time I said the dreaded word “no” the eye faucets burst. He will literally come to me in tears; I think he’s hurt but no, he’s just missing Ryan…aka Rye. Even after time spent with cousin Ryan he still asks for more. Two minutes after Ryan was picked up from my house he was already sulking and pestering me about seeing him again. He’s even gotten his older brother going on the Ryan action. Now I get it, Ryan IS truly super awesome. A wonderful boy with a beautiful heart. They play pirates and Star Wars and Legos. He’s great with all three of my boys, but I’m getting a little jealous. I guess I’m just not super cool to hang out with anymore. I didn’t even get a “Good Morning Mom!” today. No acknowledgement. I usually get a big smile, a “Good Morning Mom”, and a request for a piggyback ride to the potty. Not today. He woke up and looked at me and said, “Can you call Ryan’s Mom, Auntie Erin and tell her I need to come sleep over today?” Then came the tears because I told him it was a school day and we don’t have sleep-overs on school days. Not only am I getting dissed for not being super cool Ryan, he makes me the bad guy when I can’t have them together 24/7.  They have lots of fun but, sorry Buddy but Ryan has his own family.

Best friends and Star Wars buddies

Ryan is like a bag of potato chips…you give them one and then they want the whole bag. My husband picked Ryan up and brought him to our house for a play date. You would think the boys would be happy. Nope, the greedy little buggers were asking for sleep-overs and then they wanted a two-night sleep-over. Then it became “This many sleeps Mom [holding up four fingers].” They’re never satisfied. I know I should be happy that they love their cousin and they all get along well, but it’s all I hear about day in and day out. Do your kids have obsessions with their friends? He’s driving me nuts!!

An oldie

6 thoughts on “A Child’s Obsession Over the BFF

  1. aawwww – you give him a piggy back ride to the potty? 🙂 this has me giggling. shoot – I even want to be Ryan’s friend! I’m not adding any meaningful advice here – haven’t experienced this yet – but I love the way you described it (and the photo) Ryan is some steep competition!!

  2. aww.. cousin Ryan. Guess he’s too cool! Cooler than you. I guess you could look at it from the side of, at least they all get along?!? 🙂

  3. Too cute. When my son, who is 8, comes to spend time with me he always wants my BF’s son here. My BF son is 14. My son thinks he’s the BEST thing, I guess because my BF’s son is older and is so cool. LOL

  4. My kids have tons of cousins, and they are all pretty close. My 8yr old’s favorite cousin is his 19 year-old cousin in Oklahoma. Tucker has NEVER left my side. Even when I beg him to, he sticks to me like glue, but last summer he wanted to spend a week at Aunt Heather’s to be close to Brendon. To be honest, I am all for it! I love it that he will finally develop some other relationships… Last week he told me he needs a cell phone so he can text Brendon at college…. Tucker has been so shy and so under my wing, I’m thankful that he found somewhere to spread his own. My teenager daughter has a couple of cousins her age, and as teenage girls do, there have been conflicts from time to time. It took those conflicts for me to truly realize those relationship are SO valuable. All conflicts have passed now, but we have a special cousin clause to all rules, cousins sleep over anytime, go anywhere, and can have any time together! So cherish it, and for heaven’s sakes go get Ryan, and get your camera for some cute snapshots! Get yourself a good book to read and send them off to play….

  5. PS, Tucker did not get the cell phone, he is 8, and I still have some sense left in my brain, but if cuteness were a factoring in purchasing such things, I would have ran and got it just to see him type out “hey Brendon this is Tucker…”

  6. Man the potato chip theory is SO true! My kids are obsessed with their cousins (really their only cousins so I guess…) and I frankly don’t enjoy visiting them nor the way they play (lots of guns, fighting, good guy bad guy stuff) with my kids.

    So I guess you ARE lucky that your nephew is a good kid but I can really see how that would be annoying!!!

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