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It May Not Be the Oscars

I may not be dressed in Valentino and sitting at a table with George Clooney and Viola Davis. I may not have a publicist in my pocket to write an acceptance speech for me. I may not be headed to an after party with Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling and praying to run into Ryan Reynolds at some point during the evening’s festivities. However, I have been bestowed an award. A blogging award. The 7×7 Link Award. Now I have gotten a couple of Versatile Blogger awards that I still have not posted about yet. I’m a little turned off by the chain-letter like feel of it all. However, I do appreciate the recognition and should really get to putting those “acceptance speeches” together. It’s officially on my Blogging To-Do List.

Now back to this 7×7 Link Award. I am one of seven bloggers that have been graciously given this award by Jason of The Life of JWo. His blog is hilarious and you should definitely check it out. It makes me feel like the bickering I do with my husband is okay. I’ve many of his posts relatable. Jason is definitely the instigator. He better watch out before his wife, Tammy, whips his ass. Both have them have been kicking some TurboFire butt together and I am certain she could hold her own.

Anywho, again back to this 7×7 Link Award. I get to post this little award badge on my blog…just to let everyone know that I rock! But with every award comes requirements in order to keep it. That’s where they get you.

There are three requirements to keep this award.

First:  I have to tell my readers something about myself that they most likely don’t know. There are so many things but I’m going with the baby powder thing. Baby powder makes me dry-heeve. It’s not that I just don’t like the smell, I physically dry-heeve. Anything with the slightest odor of baby powder; deodorant, candles, Baby Magic lotion. Gag. I have never used powder on my kids.

Second: I have to pick seven of my posts that fit the following categories. This was kind of fun going through old posts, but it was difficult trying to make the right choice. I have only been blogging for a few months, but I didn’t realize how many posts I actually had.

Most Surprisingly Successful – I couldn’t decide between Benefits of Being a Stay-At-Home Mom and Bossy Pants. Both had good numbers and quite a few comments.

Most Underrated –  I liked my A New Alliance post, not many others seemed to.

Most Popular – This is rated purely by the stat numbers but would also fit into the Most Surprising category, but The Toy Shuffle.

Most Beautiful – That would be Three Little Blessing because they are my world!!

Most Helpful – It was my duty to save people for the awful food of The Rainforest Cafe and save them some money with my post A Trip to the Rainforest

Most Controversial – It may not be about politics, religion, abortion but Do You Believe in Ghosts?

Most Pride Worthy –  This was the hardest one for me because I honestly don’t think that I write anything spectacular. However, A Loved One’s Name got some people thinking.


Third: Now here’s the fun part…bestowing the award to seven more bloggers. I apologize if you don’t like this kind of stuff, but who can say no to a little recognition? This is where you get the chain-letter feel that I’m not totally fond of. You guys are great and I LOVE reading your posts.

Mom in the Muddle – the first person to comment on my very first post and fellow germophobe.

One Mommy’s Thoughts – witty, funny, and fabulous. I Love Fridays Thought Dump. A person I can truly relate to.

In the Land of Ridd – a sweet stay at home mommy, who I must thank for introducing my boys to Me & My Dragon…our new favorite book!

Smiling Mommy Blog – with all the Debbie Downers in the world, it’s nice to find someone with a positive attitude.

Operation Mommyhood – I recently stubble across Jessica, who is loving her mommy life.

Super Hero Princess – the name itself got me hooked. I was always more on the super hero side rather than a princess.

Boy Mom Blog – another mommy trying to raise boys with good values.

This took me FOUR DAYS to write!! All this LINKING! Thank you JWo!

7 thoughts on “It May Not Be the Oscars

  1. Congratulations and thank you! I would agree that you and I have shared many a thoughts and although I have a girl in the mix our houses remain very similar. I enjoy reading every post you right so keep up the good stuff and many more speeches will need writing 😉 Better invest in barrels of wine to provide for good content right?!

  2. Well sakes alive – that’s my first award & I’m 2 months behind already! 🙂 Thx for the recognition & I liked your 7’s. I’ll get to workin’ on mine soon! And sorry about the dry-heeve thing – that’s awful!

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