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My Son Thinks We’re Marsupials

I think my youngest is under the impression that we are not humans, but we are in fact marsupials. This is how he would like it anyway. I don’t know exactly when this all came about but he’s completely attached. I could understand it more if he was younger, but he’s going to be 3. He needs me to take him upstairs to the play room, he wants me to bring him to the kitchen to get his cup, he comes looking for me at 3am EVERY night! He just wants to be with me constantly…which I am sure is going to change over time. When I sit on the couch he’s right on top of me, literally. When I’m folding laundry he’s wrapped around my leg. If he had it his way I would bear a little pouch like a kangaroo that he would fit in 24/7. Like a toddler Baby Bjorn that could attach to my back, my legs, wherever.

This is what I normally feel like. Mama Koala carting him on my back all over the house.

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The love and affection are wonderful, but sometimes enough is enough. Let me just get something done without the hip attachment, PLEASE for the LOVE OF GOD! I love him dearly, he makes me smile. This is my typical view…

the cling-on

He really is cute…

But these little attachment issues need to end. Mommy is not a koala bear, a kangaroo, an opossum, or any other mammal that carries their young in a pouch. What I don’t understand is that he doesn’t cry when I leave him with my in-laws or anything. He’s completely fine with it. He’s fine when I’m not around. BUT when Mommy is around…we must travel as a pair. I know I should treasure these moments because there will be a time, a time I hate to think about, when he doesn’t want to spend any time with me at all. When he probably shouts, “I hate you, you’re so mean!” at some point. Ouch. But seriously Love, Mommy is not a Koala bear.

3 thoughts on “My Son Thinks We’re Marsupials

  1. Finn is so cute!! Mike and Chloe are two peas in a pod at my house, which is fine with me 🙂 she is going to be mommy’s little girl at some point!

  2. I’ve got pics that look JUST like the “cling-on” – my youngest looooves me in the same way; fine when I’m not in a hurry but now that he’s 30 pounds – hoo boy! He hates to walk in a parking lot holding my hand – kind of a pain!!

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